The Giver Questions – Chapter 5 to 8

For the full list of questions, please see my Ultimate Unit Plan for The Giver.


These questions are intended to compel students to engage with The Giver in a meaningful way. They can be used in many ways, but may be most effective when first done in writing and then discussed as a class.

Chapter 5

1. Why does Jonas force himself to describe his whole dream despite his reluctance and embarrassment?

2. What is the communities attitude towards and treatment for “stirrings”? What does this say about the community?

Chapter 6

1. What type of person might not “fit in” to a carefully planned and organized community like the one in The Giver?

Chapter 7

1. Why do you think the community has selected 12 as the age for transitioning into adulthood?

2. Would you want to take on the responsibilities of adulthood at age 12? Explain.

Chapter 8

1. How would feel if you were in Jonas’ situation?

2. What do you think the Receiver does? What memories does he receive?

3. Why do you think the last selection was a failure?