The Giver Questions – Chapters 9 to 12

For the full list of questions, please see my Ultimate Unit Plan for The Giver.


These questions are intended to compel students to engage with The Giver in a meaningful way. They can be used in many ways, but may be most effective when first done in writing and then discussed as a class.

Chapter 9

1. (a) How do Jonas’ instructions contradict the community rules? (b) What challenges do you foresee? (c) How will his life change?

2. If you were Jonas, how would you react to these instructions?

Chapter 10

1. How does the Giver treat Jonas? Give specific examples from the story.

2. This is the first time that Jonas can ask any questions he wants. What questions would you ask if you were Jonas?

Chapter 11

1. What early memories of yours would be fun to pass on?

2. What experiences /memories do you think will be painful for Jonas? Why did the Giver decide to hold back on sharing those with Jonas?

Chapter 12

1. Why do you think “sameness” is so important to the community?

2. Using a tā€chart, list positives and negatives for “sameness” in a community.