New Ending Activity for The Giver

This lesson plan comes from my Ultimate Unit Plan for The Giver.  It includes everything you need to teach the entire novel, so you can take a break from prep work.  Click here to learn more.


Start by discussing the ending of The Giver. Did you like the unresolved ending? Why do you think Lois Lowry chose to end The Giver this way? What do you think happened next?

Students can then start on the assignment: writing an alternative ending for The Giver.

Before students begin writing, they should consider the following:

1) Jonas and Gabriel are cold, tired and getting weaker. How does Jonas find the strength to go on?

2) What effect does the sunshine have on Jonas?

3) Jonas “was aware with certainty and joy that below, ahead, they were waiting for him; and that they were waiting, too, for the baby.” Why was Jonas so certain?

The ending of The Giver can be interpreted in differing ways. Perhaps Jonas is remembering the beautiful Christmas memory, which the Giver shared with him, as he and Gabriel freeze to death.

Or perhaps Jonas does hear music and is able to perceive the warm house where people are waiting to greet him.

Make your own interpretation and be creative with your alternative ending.

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