Four Attributes Lesson Plan for The Giver

This lesson plan for The Giver asks students to consider the challenges of being the Receiver, and why Jonas was chosen for this role..

In The Giver, the Chief Elder explains that to have any chance of success, the Receiver must possess four essential attributes: intelligence, integrity, courage, wisdom.

For each of these four attributes, students are to explain what it is, and why it is important for the Receiver.  They must also provide specific examples that show each of the attributes in Jonas.  Finally, they should create a symbol to represent each attribute.

I like to have my students create a four quadrant chart for each attribute, with each quadrant providing answers to the questions above.

My complete unit plan for The Giver includes ready-to-use printables to make this quick and easy, but you can also have the students create their own charts using paper, pens, and rulers.

If you have any ideas for extending or enhancing this lesson plan for The Giver, please share them.