In Class Essay for The Giver

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You are to write an essay about The Giver.

You may choose any ONE of the four topics listed below.

You are expected to write clearly, include a thesis, use examples or details from the book as appropriate, and explain your ideas fully.

Your essay is due at the end of the period.

You may use the following to help you write your essay:

  • Your copy of The Giver
  • Your notes on The Giver


Remember, choose ONE of the following:

1. What does The Giver reveal about how much the government should be able to control an individual’s rights for the benefit of society?

2. In Jonas’s community, every person has almost the exact same experiences. The environment is controlled, and competition has been eliminated in favor of a community in which everyone works only for the common good.  What advantages might “sameness” yield for contemporary communities? Is the loss of diversity worthwhile?

3. What does The Giver say about individual freedom vs. societal stability? Which is more important? Explain.

4. Did Jonas’s choice to leave the Community help or hinder the common good? Explain.