The Giver Questions

For the full list of questions, please see my Ultimate Unit Plan for The Giver.


These questions are intended to compel students to engage with The Giver in a meaningful way. They can be used in many ways, but may be most effective when first done in writing and then discussed as a class.

Chapter 1

1. What do the following details from chapter one tell you about the community Jonas lives in?

  • Jonas was frightened when he saw a jet fly overhead.
  • Jonas and his sister don’t know what animals are.
  • Boys and girls are referred to as “male” and “female.”
  • New children don’t spend their first year with their families.
  • It is rare to have visits from other people in the community.

2. (a) List some of the “rules” in Jonas’ community. (b) What are the rules intended to do?

3. (a) What is the purpose of the “telling of feelings” ritual? (b) Would you like this in your home?

Chapter 2

1. Where do you think the babies come from?

2. What happens to a person when they are “released”? Where do they go?

3. What are the positive and negative aspects of having your “assignment” made for you at such an early age? Create a chart for your answers like the one below. Make sure you include points for both sides.

4. If you were to be given an assignments based on your current activities and interests, what do think it would be? Explain.

Chapter 3

1. (a) Which jobs seem to be valued the most in Jonas’ community?  (b) Which jobs are valued the least?  (c) How is this similar/different to our community?

2. Why do you think there are so few people with light eyes?

3. What do you think the incident with the apple means?

Chapter 4

1. (a) Describe the type of care given to infants and the elderly in the community. (b) What does this say about their values? (c) Compare this care and attention to that which newborns and the elderly receive in our community.


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